It’s been a bit since I’ve written on Medium. So, I’ll start at the beginning!

👋🏻 Hey there, I’m Ben Hayden. I am an experienced cloud professional who loves problem-solving and working directly with clients. I’ve been writing software professionally for over 13 years and shipped products in multiple technologies and platforms. The most prominent tools in my toolbox are AWS/Linux & Python. However, I have worked across the entire stack and have picked up a thing or two about JavaScript & modern frontends. My love for Linux goes back to the late 2000s in college, where I installed Ubuntu on my main driver for school work — diving headfirst into a world I’d grow to love. I enjoy DevOps-flavored such as setting up CI/CD pipelines, event-driven automation, and developer tooling. I’ve also picked up a passion for text editors and tinkering with my coding environment throughout my career. Vim & Emacs & VS Code are all great in my book if you put in the time!

I’ve worked fully remote for over six years at this point and enjoy the flexibility it brings my family and me. My job background has been primarily web-based technologies and related systems. I usually find myself somewhere between code and people and work well as an engineering leader or individual contributor. I have led small engineering teams as a tech lead and then moved to a director position. Currently, I am operating as the VP of Engineering at BriteCore. I’ve recently been studying for AWS certifications, building with React/Next.js, and learning about web3 & blockchain development.

On a personal note, I’m a gamer 🎮, basketball fan 🏀 (Thunder up!), and musician 👨🏻‍🎤 from Springfield, MO, where my lovely wife and I raise our two kiddos.



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